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2023 Tournament of Champions


The following teams placed in the top two in their respective night and were invited to play in a free tournament in September to determine the best of the best in the RSSVL. Each winner of the 2023 Tournament of Champions will get their 2024 league fees paid by the RSSVL.


Good luck to the following winners from each night of our 2023 playoffs.



A side winner Monday - Squad Goals

A side runner up Monday – Spikers

A side winner Wednesday – Carlen and Friends

A side runner up Wednesday - Step Up

A side winner Friday – Six-y Time

A side runner up Friday – Wilson


A side winner Tuesday - Net Worth

A side runner up Tuesday – Ram Rod

A side winner Thursday – Hard Hits Soft Mitts

A side runner up Thursday - OHANA

A side winner Sunday – To Kill a Rocking Serve

A side runner up Sunday – First Come First Serve



Squad Goals

Tanner, Cory, Alessia, Aaliyah, Jeff and Joey


2023 Playoff Schedules

Week 1

Monday Night Schedule

Tuesday Night Schedule

Wednesday Night Schedule

Thursday Night Schedule

Friday Night Schedule

Sunday Night Schedule

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