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Official Rules of the RSSVL

The RSSVL is an adult recreational league. Every team makes the playoffs and there are no trophies or pictures. Games are played as scheduled, unless weather conditions are severe. Decisions to play are made by players and the assigned manager. The league begins the week following the May long weekend and continues for 12 weeks (10 weeks of regular play followed by two weeks of playoffs). Games begin at 6:30, 7:15 and 8:00 p.m. Click here or read below for a complete list of the RSSVL's rules.

1. Play is by the honour system.

  • You are responsible to "call" yourself and your teammates, based on your own abilities.

  • Call only your fouls, not the other teams; this leads to hard feelings and less fun.

  • The team on the side that the ball lands calls whether the ball was in or out.

2. Cancellation of Games - League games will run in all weather, if feasible. Cancellations will be the decision of the executive, no more than one  half hour before the first game of the night. The executive will not be calling players to let them know that the game has been cancelled.

3. A team that does not show up for a match without 24 hours notice to the opposing captain will receive a default. Please call if your team cannot play. Defaulted games will result in a $10 fine for the evening and a loss of points. Games can be rescheduled if arranged in advance with opposing teams. If you are late by 15 minutes, you forfeit the first game; late by 25 minutes, forfeit the first two games; late by 30 minutes, forfeit the whole match.

4. Minimum Players

  •  Sixes – You must have a minimum of four players on the court at all times, in which case at least one of the players must be female. With five or six players on the court, there must be a minimum of two females on the court at all times. Only front row players can block or spike.
  •  Fours – You must have a minimum of three players, with at least one female on the court at all times. All players except the serving position can block or spike.

5. All matches are best of three. The first two games are rally point to and capped at 25. The third game, if required, goes only to 15. You do not need to win by two points. It is first to 25 (15 for last game).

6. Forty-five minutes are allocated for each match. Any match still in play 10 minutes late can be declared finished by either team playing or any team kept waiting. In such a case, the winner will be the team that is ahead when the game is called.

7. Choice of side and first serve can be decided by a ball spin or agreed to by the teams. First serve for a third game in a match should be decided by rally for serve or ball spin.

8. Serving

  • Stepping into the court during the serve is not allowed and results in loss of serve.

  • The serve can be made from anywhere behind the back line.

  • A serve that touches the net but goes over to the opponent's side unassisted is live.

  • Blocking the serve is not permitted.

  • A third "false toss" results in a loss of serve.

  • The serve can be set.

9. Tipping is allowed, but players are expected to call themselves for "ball handling," directing the ball, or scooping the ball.

10. A block does not count as a hit.

11. The ball can be played by any part of the body above the knees, but players are to call themselves for double hits, scooping or in the case of a dive, if the ball makes any contact with the sand.

12. There is no centreline and no fault for crossing under the net unless you interfere with your opponent's play.


13. One ball per team will be provided for warm-up. All teams and individuals are responsible for the equipment. The first individuals to arrive should set up the nets. The last two teams playing are responsible to ensure that all the equipment is put away. Please remind players to not climb over fences, to pick up all the garbage, and to help set up and take down nets.


14. There are no restrictions on uniforms, sunglasses, footwear, or hats.


15. A maximum of two 30 second "time-outs" will be allowed per game per team.


16. An unlimited number of substitutions are allowed. You can rotate players in before or after service rotations or you can sub in players as per indoor play.


17. All league players and spares must be on the registration form. Forms will be at the games.


18. Playoffs: All players must have played at least two "League Nights" to be eligible to play in the playoffs and must be listed on the registration form.


19. All teams and members are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner and be respectful of our facilities. Any members that do not conform to these rules may be asked to leave the facilities for the duration of the evening, or may result in suspension/termination from the league. These decisions will be made by the RSSVL executive and any decision made the executive will be considered final.


20. Children are allowed at the courts; however, please be responsible for their behaviour and ensure that they are not disrupting the play of others.


Any dispute over these rules and their interpretation will be settled by the RSSVL executive; the decision of the RSSVL executive is final. If there is a dispute over a rule that is not clearly defined in the RSSVL rules, the executive will defer to the official rules of the Canadian Volleyball Association.

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